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Advice for Travelers from North America

travelers from North AmericaNorth Americans who travel abroad cannot expect to encounter the ways of their own country in the other countries they travel through. Every culture is unique and diverse. A majority of the people who travel abroad in North America reside in the United States and Canada. People from the United States have an unfortunate international reputation for being unadventurous. Americans are known in other countries as people who do not tend to embrace other people’s cultures. This is slowly changing with a rise of young people who are taking the initiative to travel abroad. All the same, Canadians and Americans have reputations that precede them the world over.

Canadians tend to do well traveling abroad. The world appreciates Canadians for their polite, friendly ways and for their unoffensive stance on global issues. Canadians tend to be welcomed wherever they go. There are still plenty of travel advisories on where Canadians are not presently safe to travel, but a majority of the world loves to have Canadians in their country. It is not uncommon for citizens of the United States to travel under a facade of Canadian residency to be more widely accepted.

To reiterate, the reason that people from the United States are sometimes rejected by people of other countries is because Americans have historically been limited in their ability to accept other cultures. Even as the U.S. was being formed, imperialism extended from England to the United States and gave Americans an inherent tendency to colonize. It has long been a tradition of Americans to usurp other cultures rather than embrace them. Plus, with the United States so long holding the global seat of power and economy, Americans felt little need to venture outside the country.

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