North America is blessed with distinct, diverse geographic beauty and attractive landscape which constitutes places that stand out amongst other places in the world. It is like a realistic work of art which brings visual delight to anyone who beholds it. We have different locations which represent true definitions of a wonderful topography and an interesting vision.

There are lakes, parks, valleys, hills, caves that gives tourists and visitors, a kind of pleasure and feeling of delight. For example, we have the Watkins Glen state park which is a place filled with a lot of areas shade by vegetation such as vines and creepers. A distinct feature is that there is a continuous buzz of on-flowing water. Also, this fascinating and enchanting forest covers spans over a lot of acres and it serves as a platform for those interested in camping activities, and also for those engaged in hiking activities.

Also, we have the Grand Prismatic spring in Wyoming, which is a national park that is covered with captivating views and sceneries. However, one very interesting feature of that area is the presence of a beauty-filled spring. It is also rainbow-colored due to the presence of a kind of special bacteria that dwells in it. The spring is one of the largest in the world and characterized with high temperature.

There is Thor’s well located in Oregon which is a natural water fountain. Due to the powerful and strong flow of currents from the Pacific Ocean, the well is seen as a place of wonder and aesthetic marvel.

Similarly, the Yosemite valley of California, which was originally formed by ground erosion caused by melting glaciers. This area constitutes pathways and routes which beckon on hikers to come and survey. In doing so, they experience the waterfalls and pools in its richness.

We also have the Badlands National Park in South Dakota which is characterized by a topography that is impossible to be avoided. There are presence of rocky hills and mountains which serves as a hunting ground for the local hunters of North America. Likewise, Sequoia National park, California which is home to the world’s tallest and humongous trees.

This park spans across several acres of land and embedded with waterfalls, large rocks and presence of a dense vegetation. There is also Carlsbad Caverns located in New Mexico and characterized with a lot of caves surrounded with spikes and columns, which is an attractive feature to visitors and tourists.

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