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The Traveling Life

traveling lifeA life of travel is a blessed one. There are lessons and gifts that one receives by traveling that cannot be received any other way. The feeling of freedom, the reward of new experiences and the humility before different ways of life are all part of what travel does to your soul. To maximize your travel experiences, consider the following tips:

  • Travel while you are young. You will benefit from travel at any phase of life, but none more so than in your youth. When we are young, we are flexible, hungry to learn and inspired. This is a phase of life that will set the tone for the rest of our lives. If you are brave enough to be adventurous, curious and courageous through travel, the benefits will be enormous. You will become cultured, enlightened and a valuable asset to the other endeavors you tackle in life. Not to mention, young legs and a young backĀ are much better at carrying backpacks!
  • Travel as far as you possibly can. The more you take in during your travels, the more you will grow as a person. Be bold and courageous in your travels. Mingle with the locals. Participate in the local culture. You will come away from it much wiser and much more cultured than you were before.
  • Travel extended. This requires a lot of courage because it often means surrendering some of your precious security. Extended travelling, the kind that requires at least a month (if not more), takes you to a whole new level of traveling. It allows you to become more consumed in the places you travel and develop other sides of your character for a more extended period of time. It is also liberating to break away from thinking that money and security are your only objectives in life. Merely committing to something that is not about making money, such as travel, is an excellent test of character as well as a sign of strength. Everyone should take this kind of action at least once in their lives.

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